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Congratulations to all swimmers on a fantastic job at our past 2 meets!!

The Amberjacks beat South Hadley on June 4th with a score of 482 to 387.  We also beat Palmer/Ludlow with a final score of 540 to 378. 

Great job to all swimmers and thanks to all parents who helped make the meets run smoothly.



As of July 1, 2005, all practices will be held at the NEW Chicopee High School.  Practice times will remain the same. 


There is NO swim meet on Saturday, June 18th.  Paul has been shouting this out on a regular basis…now it’s in writing too!  We like to cover all our bases.


Our next swim meet is Saturday, June 25th at Longmeadow High School.  Directions to Longmeadow are on the calendar page.





All dues MUST be paid in full by no later than Thursday, June 23rd.  Any swimmer who is not paid in full will not be allowed to swim in Championships. 


And…speaking of Championships… We absolutely, positively MUST know by no later than July 1st if you will not be swimming in Championships.  Events are scheduled well in advance for this meet as it requires submissions from all teams in the league.  It may seem as though championships are still a ways off…but preparation takes time!!!



The website is officially up. Check it out at  Yes, it’s a bit bare at the moment… so, if anyone has team pictures to offer up for posting on the site, please see Charlene at the Board table. 




Lastly, anyone who still owes the fundraiser buy-out option payment, this MUST be paid by July 1st.  The buy-out payment is for any family who chose NOT to participate in the June Raffle fundraiser.  This fundraiser / buy-out directly benefits the team so please be prompt with payment.